Welcome to East Delhi Public School, A Senior Secondary School Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi
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Facilities Available

E-Enabled Teaching/Digital

The school has partnered with an E learning facilitators Educomp  and the class rooms are equipped with Smart Boards or White boards which use the audio-visual medium to make class room teaching effective and interactive . Smart class is a revolutionary feature that has transformed the face of classroom learning-teaching process. The teachers can harnesses the power of technology to augment their traditional teaching tools thereby making learning more effective. The classrooms turn into learning forums where the teacher can source a range of resources and tools to enhance their subject content.


Knewcleus and SMS to Parents /Guardians

An efficient mechanism of contacting and keeping in touch with the parents /guardians through SMS helps in disseminating latest and pertinent information and knowhow regarding the school in general and their wards in particular. This has effectively bridged the communication gap between the school and the parent community.



The library is well organized and stocked with books for all age groups. The collection consists of course books, reference books, story books, journals, audio-visual aids etc. The stimulating physical environment of the library helps in satiating the students  need to read for pleasure and academic purpose.



Well equipped and capacious labs service the need for practical work, hands-on learning activities etc . They are ideally suited for activity- based learning .The Physics, Chemistry , Biology, Mathematics and, Computer  labs suit the requirement of all standards.


Life Skills, Character Education and Leadership Programs

The school has partnered with life skills training organizations which conducts workshops and training sessions for students and teachers for inculcating sound value system and life skills in the students.


Sports facilities and Play Arena

The school lays tremendous emphasis on the physical development of the students and has dedicated sports facilities like Basket ball court, Net ball, Volley ball etc .A bright and colourful play area with child-friendly and non-toxic plastic play equipment and a kiddies pool offers a venue for fun and frolic, social skills development and confidence building for the kindergarteners.


Professional Development Programs

Workshops and seminars are organized by the school for the teaching staff to keep them abreast with new and modern educational pedagogies for optimizing teaching- learning process.


Career Counseling Sessions

The school has a qualified and experienced psychologist who regularly updates the students with existing and emerging career options to bridge the gap between education and career viability. Workshops and counseling sessions with students are conducted regularly . The counselor takes inputs from teachers to prepare personality profile of the students and involves the parents in dealing with students referred by the teachers.